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Sally Mosher | Images and Moods
Images and Moods CD cover
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Sally Mosher

As a musician, Sally Mosher has been active as pianist, newspaper music critic and feature writer, radio interviewer, teacher and concert manager, and presently concentrates on performing early music and her own compositions on the harpsichord and other keyboards. Mosher’s four CD’s reflect this focus: William Byrd: Songs, Dances, Battles, Games and English Renaissance Harpsichord Music (Musica Pristina), and From Now On: New Directions for Harpsichord and Images and Moods, featuring her compositions for harpsichord, synthesizer, violoncello and flute (New Mix). Information at www.NewMixMusic.com, the American Composers Forum (www.composersforum.org) and www.CDbaby.com. A new CD, Towards the Light, presents keyboard improvisations by Mosher and friends.

As a composer, Mosher has been described as “a chanteuse of the harpsichord ... a richly imaginative composer of bold musical strokes that cross musical barriers and move the harpsichord out of the 18th century salon and into our times.” Some of her works for harpsichord have been performed at The Library of Congress, the Berkeley and Athena Festivals, national early keyboard conferences, as well as in recitals. Mosher’s music has also been recorded by noted harpsichordist Elaine Funaro ("Dances with Harpsichords"; Centaur) nd dynamic young Welsh harpsichordist Christopher Lewis ("The New-Fangled Clavier”). Grammy winning pianist Gloria Cheng, now also a harpsichordist, has played Sally’s works in recital.

A researcher/Reader at the Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, Mosher is the author of the book People and Their Contexts: A Chronology of the Sixteenth Century World. She has presented early music lectures and lecture-recitals for the Renaissance Conference of Southern California, the Renaissance Society of America, California Institute of the Arts, the Shakespeare Roundtable, the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and the Shakespeare Oxford Society, among other venues, and has lectured on the harpsichord at the Central Conservatory in Beijing, China. Her articles on Renaissance music and other music topics have appeared in The Elizabethan Review, The Oxfordian Journal, the Southern California Early Music News Magazine, the San Francisco Bay Area Early Music News, and KUSC Members’ Newsletter.

Mosher studied at Manhattanville College and the University of Southern California for degrees in music history and piano, studying piano with Lillian Steuber, and harpsichord with Wm. Neil Roberts. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Southern California Law School, and is a member of the California Bar. She is President/owner of Oakhill Enterprises, a real estate investment business.

Long interested in contemporary music, Mosher is President of Piano Spheres Concerts (founded by Leonard Stein), a recital series presenting notable piano compositions of the 20th and 21st centuries at Zipper Concert Hall of the Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles. She is also a director of the Southern California Baroque Association. Increasingly active as an artist, Mosher paints colorful abstract canvases, designs jewelry, and has lectured on the history of jewelry.

Praise for Images and Moods

"It's such a pleasure to find pieces for harpsichord that not only are compositionally inventive but really make the instrument sound great. I've been enjoying The Painters and look forward to exploring more of Sally's pieces soon."
Rebecca Pechefsky, harpsichordist, author, recording artist, member of Brooklyn Baroque ensemble

"Sexy, sassy, and sultry ... wonderful sounds, great sets, great dance music, evocative "outdoor" pieces."
-- Elaine Funaro, harpsichordist
(Funaro has performed several of Mosher's pieces in recital at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., and has recorded two of Mosher's dances on her new album Dances with Harpsichords (Centaur))

"With her harpsichord music, uniquely talented painter and musician Sally Mosher creates luscious tone paintings at the harpsichord--an aural delight!"
-- Charlotte Mattax, Harpsichordist; Professor of Music, University of Illinois
(A noted harpsichord recitalist, Mattax plans to perform a number of Mosher's compositions.)

Track Listing
1.   Out of the Silence
2.   Andalucian Images
3.   Habanera
4.   1940's Samba: Flying High
5.   Interlude
6.   Tango
7.   Diversions & Excursions on B.A.C.H.
8.   Chromatic Mambo on B.A.C.H.
9.   Aria
10.   Christmas Rose
11.   Piece for Neil
12.   Lullaby
13.   View from the Mountain
14.   On White Water
15.   Reflections
16.   Meditative
17.   Rhythmic
18.   Introspective
19.   Jaunty
20.   The Falcon (flute)
21.   The Gladiators
22.   Night Falls in the Gardens of Villa Aurelia
23.   Vulcan: Bringer of Fire

'Cellist Xin-Hua Ma joins Mosher on two selections. Since coming to the United States as a founding member of the Shanghai Quartet, Xin-Hua has performed to critical praise as both soloist with orchestra and recitalist throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia. She is the only two-time recipient of the prestigious Hammer-Rostropovich Award. Currently, Ma is resident in Shanghai, China, where she is principal ‘cellist with the Shanghai Symphony and Professor of Violoncello at the Shanghai Conservatory. Ma's recently released CD "Three Wishes for a Rose" was recognized as best violoncello performance in China's 4th annual awards for the best ten CD's of 2008. Ma’s recently released CD Three Wishes for a Rose was recognized as best violoncello performance in the fourth annual awards presented by Chinese City Broadcast Station honoring the best ten CD’s of 2008, China’s most prestigious awards.  

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Anthony Brazier performs on both modern and Baroque flute. He has concertized throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, Tahiti and Taiwan as both recital and orchestral soloist, as well as with chamber ensembles. As soloist, he has appeared with harpsichordists Trevor Pinnock, Wm Neil Roberts and Susanne Shapiro. As orchestra player, he has worked under many noted conductors, including Walter Decloux, Richard Lert, and Horst Neumann. A founding member of the Los Angeles Baroque Players, Brazier is active as a teacher.  
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Jeffrey Lavner is Co-chair of the Piano Department at the Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles, and Workshop Co-coordinator of Keyboard Skills for Non-majors at the Colburn Conservatory. Previously, he was an assistant lecturer at the University of Southern California, as well as faculty member at Santa Monica and Golden West Colleges. He holds a B.M. with performance honors from Syracuse University, an M.M. from the University of Southern California and has won numerous professional awards. His earliest professional experiences were as a jazz pianist, and he now performs as both pianist and harpsichordist.  
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Sound Samples

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View From the Mountain   MP3     RealAudio     Windows Media
The Falcon   MP3     RealAudio     Windows Media

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