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Sally Mosher Interview (2017)   A new interview from Piano Forte News Quarterly.

Soundings Improv CD   This special site for the 2015 release by Sally Mosher, Patrick Lindley and Scott Fraser includes audio clips, expanded musician bios and additional art by Sally.
The Harpsichord Center   The harpsichord used in the Los Angeles Baroque Players CD, as well as both harpsichords used in Sally Mosher's CD's, were made by the Harpsichord Center workshop. Visit their website for information about the makers, available instruments, and concert schedule.
"Images & Moods"
"Towards The Light"
"English Renaissance Harpsichord Music"
"Out of the Silence"
"The New-Fangled Clavier"
[Christopher D. Lewis]    
  These six CDs can be ordered via these links. Their site features a 2-minute audio sample from each track.
Los Angeles Philanthropic Committee for the Arts   Sally Mosher is Corporate Counsel for LAPCA, a membership organization, which raises money for arts organizations, contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. LAPCA presents salons with live music and interviews with notable arts figures, as well as gala fundraising events.
Christopher Lewis   Contemporary harpsichordist, whose CD The New-Fangled Clavier features two pieces by Sally Mosher, as well as works by Philip Glass, Peter Hatch, Ludovico Einaudi, and Sheli Nan.
Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable   The Roundtable is a format for discussion of Shakespeare authorship, and also general programs on 16th century topics.
Piano Forte News Quarterly   Piano Forte News, a quarterly publication, presents interviews, profiles, selected recital schedules, and articles of special interest to pianists. The April 2005 Piano Forte issue included an interview with Sally Mosher. The Website is no longer active, but this link will display an archived copy of the site from 2010.
Piano Spheres Concerts   Sally Mosher served for eleven years as President of the Board of Directors of this notable series of recitals by outstanding pianists of contemporary and significant older piano music, performed at Zipper Concert Hall of the Colburn School of Performing Arts. Visit their website for schedules, biographies, articles and background material.
Aliénor   Aliénor is a non-profit organization promoting contemporary music for the harpsichord. Aliénor sponsors competitions, international performances, publications and CD recordings.
Patrick Lindley Music   Music for relaxation, meditation, yoga and stress reduction.
A.I. Awakens   A.I. Awakens is the first recording in the Space Furniture Music series. An arresting, enigmatic, always suspenseful sound journey, A.I. Awakens transports the listener to an alternative sonic universe.
American Composers' Forum   Membership list.
Sally Mosher at
American Composers' Forum
  This is Sally Mosher's page on the American Composers' Forum website.
Sally Mosher on
  This is Sally Mosher's official Facebook page.

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